About Michael Overton

I am a licensed contractor with almost 30 years experience in construction. I am committed to helping homeowners and commercial tenants maintain and repair their homes and buildings. Much more than I handyman I have the expertise and knowledge to make sure repairs are done professional and correctly.


A license contractor since 1992, I have had the good fortune to be involved in many facets of the construction industry. I started my construction career in 1985 working for a general contractor who specialized in commercial construction and tenant improvement projects. We worked on masonry and foundation work, framing, electrical and plumbing regularly. After the 1994 earthquake we became heavily involved in earthquake retro-fitting of commercial and older apartment buildings, where we provided un-reinforced masonry buildings with foundations and internal structures.  After that I moved into home building, working with superintendents and project managers as a customer service representative. This is where I worked with new homeowners to help them understand their new homes and how to maintain them. I also worked closely with subcontractors to repair any defects or warranty items.

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